Service Engineer

Oversee the functionality and safety of the Electronic Beam Welding machines (EB Welders) for a blade manufacturer. Troubleshoot issues with EB Welders; provide preventative maintenance and oversee repair. Oversee preventative maintenance on vacuum systems, including, tearing down and rebuilding the main, entrance and exit chambers; optimize vacuum pump systems, and calibrating and rebuilding vacuum transducers. Repair and rebuild take-up systems (motors, clutches, drive chains and bearings) and tractor drive systems (including belts, bearings, motors and gearboxes). Operate and maintain a helium mass spectrometer leak detector. Perform all electrical troubleshooting on EB Welders and troubleshoot and calibrate electronic circuits for EB Welders. Troubleshoot and repair high voltage systems. Construct high voltage cable assemblies for cathode guns, along with rebuilding and adjusting main chamber tooling and rebuilding electronic cathode guns. Oversee, repair and rebuild material straightening systems. Work with the maintenance team to maintain the functionality of all the maundering machines and systems. Perform related functions. 

Requirements. Three years of experience in maintenance and repair of Electronic Beam Welding machines. Knowledge of electron beam welding systems, including vacuum pumping systems and electronic welding equipment.


Apply to The M. K. Morse Company, 1101 Eleventh Street SE, Canton, OH 44707, attention Jennifer Waters.


M. K. Morse - 1101 Eleventh Street SE Canton, OH USA 44707