Tungsten Carbide Grit Band Saw Blades

Ideal for cutting ceramics and other materials that are too hard or abrasive for standard bimetal blades, tungsten carbide grit blades provide superior wear resistance.

Tungsten Carbide Grit Band Saw Blades


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TPIW x Thk (in)W x Thk (mm) Model #Part #
Continuous, Medium1/4" x .0206.4 x 0.50ZCG010702000
Gulleted, Medium3/8" x .0259.5 x 0.64ZCG020733300
Gulleted, Med Coarse3/8" x .0259.5 x 0.64ZCG030743300
Gulleted, Medium1/2" x .02512.7 x 0.64ZCG040733400
Gulleted, Med Coarse1/2" x .02512.7 x 0.64ZCG050743400
Continuous, Medium1/2" x .02512.7 x 0.64ZCG060703400
Gulleted, Med Coarse3/4" x .03219 x 0.80ZCG070744400
Gulleted, Coarse3/4" x .03219 x 0.80ZCG080754400
Gulleted, Med Coarse1" x .03527 x 0.90ZCG090745500
Gulleted, Coarse1" x .03527 x 0.90ZCG100755500
Continuous, Medium1" x .03527 x 0.90ZCG110705500
Continuous, Coarse1" x .03527 x 0.90ZCG120725500
Gulleted, Coarse1-1/4" x .04234 x 1.10ZCG130756100