M-Factor By Morse (EX) - Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades

Specially designed for nickel based alloy and stainless steel applications, M-Factor by Morse general purpose carbide tipped band saw blades deliver value through performance driven sawing productivity.

M-Factor By Morse (EX) - Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades


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TPIW x Thk (in)W x Thk (mm) Model #Part #
1.5/21-1/4" x .04234mm x 1.1mmZCTHEX1.5/2836198
2/31-1/4" x .04234mm x 1.1mmZCTHEX23836123
1.5/21-1/2 x .05041mm x 1.3mmZCTNEX1.5/2838198
2/31-1/2 x .05041mm x 1.3mmZCTNEX23838123
3/41-1/2 x .05041mm x 1.3mmZCTNEX34838134
1.5/22" x .06354mm x 1.6mmZCTQEX1.5/2839098
2/32" x .06354mm x 1.6mmZCTQEX23839023
.75/12-5/8" x .06367mm x 1.3mmZCTUEX.75/1839191
1.5/22-5/8" x .06367mm x 1.3mmZCTUEX1.5/2839198
3/41-1/4" x .04234mm x 1.1mmZCTGEX34836134
2/32" x .05054mm x 1.3mmZCTQ050EX23838223
1.5/22" x .05054mm x 1.3mmZCTQ050EX1.5/2838298
.75/13" X .06380mm x 1.6mmZCTYEX.75/1839291
1.5/23" x .06380mm x 1.6mmZCTYEX1.5/2839198
.75/11-1/2" x .05041mm x 1.3mmZCTNEX.75/1839191