Morse 811 Portable Bandsaw Blades


-One Morse 811 portable bandsaw blade replaces the need for blades from 8/12 through 18 TPI





- Less time changing blades, less inventory needed

- Quick, clean cuts in a variety of materials.

- More cuts per any blade in the market


Morse 811 cuts everything you do with ONE BLADE!



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Metal Devil CL


-Optimized for cordless saws, delivering mmore cuts per charge





- Thin kerf blade for less vibration, faster cutting

- Longer time between battery charges

- For use on any model cordless saw


Go Cordless! Metal Devil CL lets you get more from Cordless Circular Saws



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Fast Adapt QR


-Quick change hole saws in seconds





- Precision locking system

- Compact Design

- Interchangeable with any hole saw


Changing hole saws is as quick as a TWIST and a CLICK

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Diamond Grit Hole Saws


-faster cutting and more holes in less time

- low wear and long life

- Thin kerf



- Made with industrial diamond grit

- Slug ejection slots

- Thin Kerf


Morse Diamond Grit hole saws provide longer life and faster cutting in abrasive materials



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Advanced Edge Bi-Metal Hole Saw


-Increased control in higher torque applications and long wear resistance

- Impact resistant while maintaining cutting penetration



- Engineered with the strongest tooth profile available in the marketplace

- New tooth form maximizes penetration with a positive rake face


Durability, quality and reliabilty combine to provide the hardest working hole saw in the industry. PTP technology increases material removal and provides more control of the cutting process.


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Metal Devil® NXT Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blades


-Smoother Cuts

- Extended Blade Life

- Less Vibration in the Cut



- New Carbide Tip Technology

- Stability of plate through manufacturing process


Metal Devil® NXT combines strength, long life and technology in one complete package. Manufacting processes combine plate technology and carbide science to result in premium cutting performance in the most demanding of metal cutting applications.


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M. K. Morse Bandsaw Tension Gauge


- Durable cast/powder coated body

- Calibrated gauge measures in lbs/in2 and kgs/cm2

- Quality storage box with protective foam inserts


This Gauge Will:

- Quickly measure blade tension while the blade is on the machine

- Check for under-tensioned and over-tensioned conditions


Proper tensioning of blades can provide optimal blade life, precise cutting results and reduced opportunity for machine damage! Contact your M. K. Morse Representative to see how you can get yours today!


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