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    High performance backing steel and optimized carbide grades give premium band sawing performance. These band saws will cut faster and last longer than any other band saw blade in a wide variety of sawing applications. For most power tool accessory uses, the carbide scale advances from C1 to C4. This scale does not suggest quality, but rather, each type of carbide (C1, C2, C3, & C4) is suited for different work. C1 and C2 carbides are coarser, more impact-resistant than others, but are more susceptible to grinding and friction wear. C3 and C4 carbides are finer, less impact-resistant, but much more durable against abrasive wear


    Designed for aluminum castings, composite materials, rough cutting of abrasive wood and plywood

    Carbide tipped blades are designed to be extremely wear resistant

    Specially formulated submicron grade of carbide and triple tooth geometry

    Smooth finish for less secondary work.

    Exceptionally long life, fast cutting


    Aluminum castings, composites, graphite, abrasive wood, non-ferrous, brass, bronze, aluminum


    Part Specifications coming soon


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