We Make Saw Blades... Good Ones

M. Kenneth Morse

At The M. K. Morse Company we've had just one focus for over fifty years ... make better saw blades and accessories and get them to customers on time. We don't make machinery. We don't make other products. We do one thing and we do it very well. This single-minded devotion has led to some unique innovations over the years. Mostly it has led to a relentless march to improve value. We are constantly looking for ways to build even more durability into our blades. The result is a collection of high value blades that top the charts in performance and quality. These blades are used by industrial, construction, and demolition companies worldwide. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is totally integrated. This unique ability to control our processes makes it easier for us to meet tight production deadlines and control costs. Our customers get the benefits. At M. K. Morse this is the way we operate.

An aerial view of the M. K. Morse facility
in Canton, Ohio USA.

We Have Never Strayed From Our Roots

There really was an M. Kenneth Morse. As a manufacturer's rep, he became frustrated when he sold products manufacturers couldn't deliver on time or with the quality his customers demanded. He started manufacturing saw blades to make sure his customers got what they wanted when they needed it. We still do business the same way today, using the talents and resources of people working in manufacturing and warehousing facilities around the world. They are M. K. Morse today.

At Home Around The World
We're still headquartered where we started... in Canton, Ohio, U.S.A. However, today we have warehousing in Los Angeles, California; Vancouver, Canada; Toronto, Canada; West Yorkshire, England; and Helsinki, Finland. The Los Angeles, Toronto, and West Yorkshire warehouses are also weld centers. Our products are available from industrial supply distributors world-wide.

We Will Never, Ever Let You Down
Our reputation for immediate availability at all distribution facilities and timely shipments is based on solid facts. Over 98% of all orders for standard stock products ship complete within 24 hours. Our integrated manufacturing process, dedication to customer service and worldwide distribution make it all possible. Our customers make it all worthwhile.


  • Guaranteed shipping dates
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Guaranteed trial blades

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